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Thanks for visiting my site! Like many in our city, I am a transplant from Kansas City, Missouri to sunny Los Angeles.

I fell in love with still photography right after high school and continued down that path for several years. I began to realize that if I wanted to be a cinematographer that I needed to be in the city where all the action was happening, so I took a leap of faith and drove across the country in my mom's stick shift Honda Civic, and the rest is history. 

In the last few years I've slowly climbed the ranks all the way from production assisting to set lighting to shooting my own projects. I feel these experiences give me a unique perspective and understanding about how to treat the whole company fairly.

I appreciate all those working above or below me and value each crew members' contribution. I also believe I'm equipped as a woman to capture a unique perspective. I'm committed deeply to the cause of parity on set and love to surround myself with talented men and women who exemplify artistic excellence while maintaining a pleasant and professional environment.

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